Zombie Surgery: Interrupted Suturing

Happy Halloween from Surgery 101! Mwahahaha! Welcome to Rebirth Medical School, where we’re rebuilding the future one medical student at a time! In this episode, we highlight our new Zombie-Based Learning (ZBL) curriculum, and show students how to carry out interrupted suturing on one of the undead!  

Apply now for a Surgery 101 Studentship!

Apply now for our 2015 summer studentships! Please submit all three of the following: 1. Your resume 2. A critique of an existing episode on the Surgery 101 YouTube channel, telling us what you liked and what you would improve. This can be written or (better) in the form of a posted video response on […]

Cataract Surgery Part 2

In this two-part episode, medical student Danica Kindrachuk discusses ophthalmology and its signature operation of cataract surgery. After listening to the part 2 of this episode, learners will be able to: List the indications, risks, and benefits of cataract surgery Understand how cataract surgery is performed Learn some really interesting, fun facts about the eye […]