12 Days of Surgery

  Welcome back to Surgery 101 Studios It’s that time of the year again – the holidays are almost here, and we’re celebrating another successful year at Surgery 101. We decided to make a short video to say thanks to all of our fans around the world, and also to show you some of the […]

Dr Scalpel’s Guide to Surgery: Safe Surgery Checklist 2

Welcome back to Muppet Surgery! In this episode, Dr Scalpel and Thumbs explore the mysteries of the Safe Surgery Checklist with the rest of the team in the Muppet Operating Room! This episode focuses on parts 2 and 3 of the checklist, the time out and the debrief.

Zombie Surgery: Interrupted Suturing

Happy Halloween from Surgery 101! Mwahahaha! Welcome to Rebirth Medical School, where we’re rebuilding the future one medical student at a time! In this episode, we highlight our new Zombie-Based Learning (ZBL) curriculum, and show students how to carry out interrupted suturing on one of the undead!